We Provide Home Tuition Service All Over West Bengal

About Us

About the ‘Learn’

Our journey started in the year 2012.

We are inspired by a holistic approach towards the overall betterment of an academician, involving precision mentoring through live tutoring standards by our professional teachers. At LEARN we believe that a child has multiple talents that can be developed through controlled nurturing and scientific counseling to help the child understand what they require rather than what the parents want.

Save Time,
Grow and Succeed

Highly Qualified Teachers

They help students develop self-esteem and personal responsibility. They do so by instilling the importance of these two qualities throughout.

Teaching all Subjects

We are providing you experience teachers for all subjects from Kinder Garden to Class 12 and a great opportunity to learn and gain in-depth knowledge.


Support from Students

Guidance, resources, and activities should be provided to support students on their journey through our classes, students will be supported through offline and online communities.

Thousands of Students

Starting from the year 2012, we helped many students to achieve their goals and improve their test scores.